Various cocktails and soft drinks served with ice, fresh lemon slices and mint
Chilled sparkling wine in fluted glasses
Chilled white wine
Mineral water with lemon and mint
Salted and toasted mixed nuts served in paper cones
Cheese straws
Pitted prunes and fried bacon flavoured with wholegrain mustard on wooden skewers


Cocktail chive crepes filled with fragrant bobotie
Mini pita breads filled with grilled pork chipolatas, humus, rocket and BBQ sauce
Prawn cocktail served on herbed salad leaves in small glass pots
Small plates of marinated, deboned pork ribs served with cocktail forks
Wild mushroom and pecorino risotto served in Chinese spoons
Sweet melon cubes topped with crispy pancetta and lemon aioli
Haloumi and roast vegetable skewers
Plates of Bruschetta’s topped with herbed crème fraîche, pastrami and onion marmalade


Vanilla crème anglaise with meringue dumplings
Individual baked cheesecake rounds with berry coulis and fresh berries
Soft pink ginger Macaroons filled with glacé-ginger cream
Decadent chocolate and pecan nuts Brownies
Apple and Caramel tarts with Chantilly cream rosettes
Fresh seasonal fruit salad in small glass pots with rose water and granadilla coulis

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