(Buffet style serving)

Something to start with:

White chocolate, fig and coconut granola
Low fat flavoured and fat free plain yoghurt
Sliced fresh fruit platter (4 types of fruit in season) with granadilla coulis

Main course:

Cocktail smoked salmon and camembert frittata
Fried bacon and button mushrooms
Corn fritters with sweet tomato marmalade

Starch basket:

Freshly baked croissants
Freshly baked bran muffins
White and Brown bread toast
Served with fresh butter, strawberry and fig preserve

Sweet treat to finish:

Freshly baked cocktail strawberry cheesecakes with berry coulis
Cocktail chocolate cake fingers with chocolate buttercream icing garnished with chocolate curls and chocolate whisper balls

To drink:

Tea / Filter Coffee
100% Fresh mixed fruit juice
Sparkling water with lemon and mint

(Combined plated and buffet style serving)

Something to start with:

Fresh fruit and granola tarts with passion fruit coulis

Main Course

Creamy Portabelinni Mushroom Roulade
Fried cocktail pork chipolata’s
Roasted tomato halves filled with feta and herbs
Steamed Asparagus spears drizzled with wholegrain mustard butter

Starch basket

Freshly baked corn bread
Served with fresh butter and chunky apricot preserve

Sweet treat to finish

Individually baked traditional Crème Brule served with wedges of seasonal fruit

To drink

Tea / Filter Coffee
100% Fresh mixed fruit juice
Sparkling mineral water with ice cubes, lemon and mint

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